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Everything you need to sprout those leafy greens!

Clear plastic covers or light deprivation covers, having the correct accessories is vital for a healthy harvest.

Make sure you take advantage of the highest possible yield with the proper equipment

Everything you need to build your own greenhouse

Pre-designed hoop houses for your garden project

Hoop house style green houses are our specialty.

Growing your own greens are in and hoop houses are our specialty! High tunnels come in different shapes, sizes, and structures. Hoop House USA is the home to information regarding the construction, use and management of hoop houses, all of the highest quality materials required for the construction including complete kits, and excellent customer service that we take seriously.

No matter what size project, we have the hoop house for you.

Whether you are growing veggies for your family or for your neighbors, a hoop house may be the exact way to increase your annual yields

From flowers to veggies, orchids to squash, nurseries are the cornerstone of the gardening universe, and benefit substantially from our hoop houses. 

Hemp is on the rise and cannabis futures are bright. Join the movement and claim your piece of the realm.

Young or old, watching your dinner grow from seed to plant is the magic of gardening that will spark joy in any student. 

Custom made solutions for your garden

Not finding what you need?

If you don’t see the size you are looking for listed, you can always build the exact length hoop house you need for any gardening project. Learn More…

Contact us directly to and we’ll source the exact material you need for your project.

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