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Custom created hoop houses to fit any project.

Options and Accessories

Covers, supports, and all other accessories to get your greenhouse producing veggies


Black Out Cover

Light deprivation black out covers are perfect for keeping the inside of your green house 100% dark. Not allowing any light in, giving you full control over when your plants receive light. 

Clear Cover

Our 6 mil clear cover is the industry standard for hoop houses. 


Temperature controlled environments are just a couple clicks away

wiggle wire channel lock

Wiggle Wire w/ Channel

Wiggle wire and channel lock some together in this high quality kit, built to last as it’s rust and maintenance free.

hand crank for greenhouse

Hand crank

This piece is essential to any cover system. Add it to your system to roll up the sides for ventilation. 

Main Frame Components

Order exactly what you need to create the perfect hoop house for your project

Single green house arch


The arch is the main component of the green house. Pre-galvanized 16ga steel will make sure your green house lasts throughout the seasons for many years. 


Our posts on all our hoop houses come standard at 8′. Don’t hesitate to ask for a different size if you need your hoop house shorter or taller, or if you need the posts to go into the earth.